Sunday, 4 August 2013

What to do with Duplo Bricks

We started the boys with Lego Duplo when they were young (read: put things in the mouth), for them to explore and create what they like with those tiny hands and fingers.  These Duplo bricks were big, colorful and fit perfectly in their small hands.

As they grow older, they started to play with the regular Lego bricks.  So here I have with some excess Duplo bricks which I have used them for some fantastic "projects" which a friend once showed me.

Thanks to Lisa on her blog which I got the idea, I came up with my own set of Duplo bricks for English.

I printed alphabets on paper and pasted them on all 4 sides of the bricks, with the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) on blue bricks.  The alphabets were pasted using craft glue so that should one day they are no longer in use, the papers can be removed easily and not leave any marks.

With the alphabet bricks, we could form words, rhyming words, sight words and even short sentences.  I use it with my younger boy on recognition of alphabets - he is not one who will sit still and listen to teachings, thus this makes a great tool in incorporating learning while playing :)

Words that rhyme