Sunday, 24 April 2016

How to Receive Up to 9 Months Complimentary Netflix Subscription*!

I know many who have some form of love for TVs and shows.

We do too.  Though for the children, we often ponder what is good, what is forbidden, what is educational or if it just pure entertainment.  We do not restrict.  We simply manage.

If you are not aware, Netflix and Singtel partnered to bring its customers some good news.  By signing up or re-contracting with Singtel between now to 22 July 2016, you get to receive up to 9 months complimentary Netflix subscription.

Not a Singtel customer?  Simply enjoy one month free trial via Netflix subscription here, just like what we did!  Remember to cancel if you do not wish to continue after one month.  :)

For more details, visit

We attended an afternoon of family fun with Singtel and Netflix at Amazonia Singapore and while the boys have fun, we got a first-hand look at Netflix and Singtel's comprehensive children and family programme.  And learn about how parental controls could be used to create a safe entertainment space for the children.

Children having fun with Amazonia's host.  
Netflix offers a variety of cartoon series such as the likes of Peppa Pig, Care Bears and Cousins, The Little Pony, Transformers: Rescue Bots etc..  There are also movies like the Kung Fu Panda which appeal to both adults and children.

B having a look at what is available.

Anne Wallin, Netflix's Senior Manager, Media Relations APAC, explaining how to set up and customise Parental Control options available on Netflix.

With Netflix Parental Controls settings, parents can block mature titles from being shown onscreen or added to your the instant queue feature.  There are a total of four maturity levels.

So, what's the correct amount of television for children?  I do not have the formula to it.  That is why I think maybe we should ask ourselves these exact questions that Netflix indicated and decide which category the children should fall under when we set up the Parental Controls.

Such fun when an event is organised at an indoor playground as the children will not feel bored while parents are being "educated".  

The 3D Glow Golf, a 9-hole indoor golf putting course, is something new to us.  

And what's a playground without a slide?  Nothing scary, it is a gentle slide suitable for 3 years and above. 

Kids love ball pits, don't they?

For children under 3, there is a toddler play area.  

Thank you Singtel and Netflix for inviting us to the Family Fun Day at Amazonia!

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Week in Life - A Blogger Mum

The alarm rings!  At 4.30am.

Yups, my alarm rings at 4.30am on weekdays when I need to be out of the house by 7am.  People often ask, 4.30am?! Are you kidding?!  Nope.  Alright, sometimes I snooze it and then wake up at 5.30am.

Weekdays are same same, but different everyday.  The same old wake up-go school-go work-home-cook-sleep.  But in between, different things happen.  

Every weekday is a rush in the morning.  The making of breakfast, especially now that D is in primary school, I ensure that he eats before going school.  This trait, I think I got it from my Mum and I thank her for all the breakfasts, amongst others, we have while schooling and even when we started work.

Some days, the breakfast is more elaborate.  Some days, there is only bread.  :D
Then it's all the, will you hurry up?  Sometimes it's just, hurry up!  I am guilty of it.  Not the perfect mum, of course.

Weekday nights are rushing home to cook.  These days, I try to cook at least 3 times a week.  Easy?  No, it's not.  I do whatever hecks I can (see here) and when I'm at my wits end, it's just one pot dish.  Sometimes the fridge is empty and I rush to the wet market, a 8 min drive on an almost empty road, at 5am.  So now you know why I wake up at 4.30am at times.

A fishy score at 5.20am.
Every other weekday nights like this make me pull my hair and makes me wonder why we do not have the work-life balance of Denmark.  When I have to coach the elder boy or give him his spelling and the younger asks or whines for attention.  Maybe because we have been the boys' main caregiver since birth (apart from the times they are in childcare), we are the ones to teach them, read them a book or two, play with them, discipline them, pat them to sleep and fall asleep with them (I do!  And most times I am in bed at 10pm, with them and then suddenly waking up at 1am).

That kinda covers most of my weekdays nights.

E was sick on Friday.  When I receive a call or a text from the childcare teacher, I cringe. Seriously.  This meant rushing off work and fetching him.  Being sick in the late afternoon is disliked as his regular doctor does not have a night clinic.  A blogging mum means if I have an event on a day the child falls sick, I have to absent myself or ourselves.  Nice?  No, I do not think so but a mum's got to do what a mum got to do.

And just this year, I decided to put some discipline to exercise.  Most if not all Sundays, you will find me at Bukit Timah with a group of friends, training endurance and fitness by doing the slopes of Bukit Timah Hill.

I wonder why weekends are so short.  Considering the fact that my children do not attend any tuition or enrichment for their academics, there is still never enough time.  In a blink of the eye, weekends are over and it's back to the daily grind.  

I am just like any other mums.  It's always family first.  I get to blog when I am alone, in trains (just like how part of this post is being drafted), while queueing, waiting or when the children are engrossed with their shows.  Time-sensitive sponsored posts are churned when the children are sleeping, although I do try to write them whenever I could.  And for that, I got to thank the hubs for it.  

The reason for blogging is simple.  To jot down the times with the children.  To share with those people who are interested a glimpse of our lives.  I will sometimes think too much (想太多) and wonder if one day, I will leave Earth without warnings.  This will then serve as a partial memory timeline for those living.

It's my birthday today!  D asks me how old I am.  I had to count and cannot believe that I am already 35.  The days are long, the years are short.  Indeed.  A blogging mum or not, birthday today or not, I am simply just another mum who wants the best for my children.  No, not just.  A mum is a powerful lady.  :)

And the hubs got me a 3TB HDD because the current one could no longer hold all the photos.  How practical, right?  
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