Thursday, 19 May 2016

Where Fun Flows @ SAFRA Punggol

We used to think of Punggol as somewhere ulu.  The same logic as Jurong being so far, Punggol is a rural area.  No longer now!

The Waterway Point, and the newest SAFRA Punggol.  The landscape has changed in Punggol.

An one-stop club that features play and fitness choices, enrichment and dining options for the whole family, not forgetting the first indoor water playground in Singapore.

With lots of area to run about and greenery surrounding it, it seems like a good place to hang out.

One of the play and enrichment services in SAFRA Punggol is Artary.  

With art programmes for children aged three to fourteen years old, what caught my attention is the walls.  Safra members enjoy a 5% discount.

There is a Pizza Hut in Safra Punggol.  One of your dining options there as many children I know love pizzas.

We had fun at the pizza making workshop held.  But, sadly, it is currently not available at SAFRA Punggol. Let's hope they bring such workshops here!

This last activity we had is what the boys look forward to the most.  I believe there has been much talk about this water playground and many reviews already done.  But this is what we think about Splash @ Kids Amaze.

As it is very new, and with many already "sick" of indoor playgrounds, this is something refreshing.  A water playground indoors, without the need for sunscreen.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

Being very shallow at about 0.3m, it is pretty safe for toddlers and children but that does not mean parents should not watch them. 

When the weather gets too hot outside, this seems to be a nice place to be in.  But, I wonder how long can one stay in here?  Without the fingers and toes getting wrinkly?  Just in case you are wondering too, the play hours during weekends are split into 4-hour blocks.

D's favourite slide.  One of the 2 taller slides whereby only those above 1.2m can try.  Compared to the tallest slide which D said will bump his head, this is a better ride.  To him.

So, that meant this can only be E's favourite slide.  What I like is that there are lifeguards / crew to prevent too many children or adults going down this slide at the same time and that all's clear before another person slides down.  

Very lovely and spacious party rooms!  There are a total of 3 different themes room.  And I thought they look pretty huge compared to many other party rooms I have seen.

Lockers ($4 for medium or $6 for large) are available in the shower rooms.  A door split into 2 for their showers which I suppose is for adults to supervise their children?  No?  And I like that everything is new now.  Which I hope they maintain in years to come.

Someday, I would like to try out their Bikes @ Waterway which is part of the PCN Pitstop network that offers a large variety of bicycles for rent.  And the part where customers can conveniently return these bicycles at any of the "pitstops" located along the Eastern PCN sounds more tempting for people like me who do not own any bicycles.

Credit:  Safra Punggol

Are you thinking of where to go or what to do this holiday?  Check out SAFRA Punggol!  And if you do not stay in that vicinity, make it a day trip there and enjoy the Punggol Waterway Park too.

SAFRA Punggol
9 Sentul Crescent Singapore 828654
6-min walk from Punggol MRT station
1-min walk from Sam Kee LRT station

Disclosure:  We were invited to the event by SAFRA.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photographs and opinions are true to my own.

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

PLAY! Exploration with Canon Using A You-Know-What-Lah!

How often do we get to play the whole morning, at different locations?  Hardly.

With a Canon camera in hand, we did just that one Saturday morning.  Just E and I.

Recognise this place?  One of the "vintage" playground.  The Dove playground at Dakota Cresecent.  With sand.  The weather, I guess was not so forgiving because it was pretty hot.  But I guess, that is better than rain!  So here are my photos, all taken using a not-very-expensive Canon camera.  You be the judge, I guess.

Of angles and lines.   And a boy.

Took this in the bus, I think, while on the way to our second exploration. 

Here we are, at Everton Road.  For what?!

For the murals, of course!  There is this thing about murals that attracts people.  Don't you think so?

"Hello Aunty, are you done washing?"  

And then there is this thing about playgrounds.

For S$499, the Canon PowerShot SX540 HS is pretty much a decent camera, if not above average considering that it not only has the 50x optical zoom, but can also be further extended to 100x using Canon's unique ZoomPlus technology.

I particularly like these few photos of us at Tiong Bahru.

Answer the phone!!!

Hello Aunty, are you done?  Very hot you know?

The smell of hawker food.  Street food, I mean.

And if you wonder how the SX540 score in terms of food photography.  Here you go.  

Lunching at Poteato Bistro Cafe.  Food photography is a common problem at most eateries - the lighting (too dim, too orange and ... )  

Though shot at ISO1600, it did not do any injustice to the food.

All photos above are shot using the Canon PowerShot SX540 HS with zero photo edit.

The camera that comes with built-in WiFi (we all need this, these days) and packs a punch with its 100x ZoomPlus and 20.3MP sensor.

Of course, I had to play with the new Canon Selphy CP1200.  I currently own the CP910 and will happily trade that for this!  With 54 prints on a single battery charge, this is 1.5 times as many as mine!  Definitely a great portable printer for events and gatherings.

Disclosure:  We were invited to the event by Canon.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photographs and opinions are true to my own.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

{Media Invite} AIR+ Smart Masks and Why You Should Own Them

Remember the time when buildings not too far away are blurry?

Remember the days when we woke up and exclaimed, "Something's burning!"

Those days were not too long ago.  In fact, it was just last September and it lasted a month or so.

I fear of those days.  I wake up everyday, hoping that the weather is good, the air is fresh and taking deep breaths are not luxuries.

But, the truth is...  life isn't always a bed of roses.

Singapore periodically gets affected by severe smoke haze due to forest fires in the region.  Especially during the dry season.  Typically in the months of June to August.  With the ever-changing weather and whatever-you-call phenomenons, I seriously wonder if every other month is going to be a dry season now and in the near future.

I cannot stop the forest fires.  Neither can I change how the weather is going to be.  As much as I would like to simply fly off to another country when the haze hits, it is impossible.  The best I can do is to reduce the family's risk of exposure to air pollutants during the haze period.

My best bet last September.  It was so difficult to get my hands on these masks that are suitable for children as everyone rushed to get them when the haze hit us.  So this year, I am not taking any chances.  Slightly kiasu but yes, I have 2 boxes (i think) of each size sitting in my cupboard now.

Ahead of the possible haze period, we were invited to a informal sharing with the people behind the AIR+ Smart Mask at MINT Museum of Toys.

What's a better way to educate children?  Get them involved and let them understand the basics of it.  Now the boys know that once the haze is here, they need to put on their masks.  

I cannot emphasise enough about the use of the correct mask during the haze period.  I cannot remember how many people I have spoken to regarding the wrong use of surgical masks during the haze period.  In summary, a surgical mask is used to protect against micro-organisms, body fluids and large particles in the air.  Because it is designed only to cover the mouth and the nose loosely, one do not get the seal that is required to protect against airborne pollutants such as haze and that ridiculously harmful PM2.5 particles.

If you do not believe me, take a surgical mask, wear it and you will feel the gaps at the sides.

At the clinic, having a fever, sometime back.  Surgical mask provided by the clinic.
No one-size mask fits everyone.  There are also no masks available in the market that suit children.  Asians have a smaller face frame and that is why AIR+ Smart Masks are fit tested and trialed in Singapore, coming up with 3 different sizes to protect even children as young as 7 years old.

D trying out the 3D profiling used by the people behind AIR+ Smart Mask.  Through the profiles of hundreds of people, they came up with the 3 different sizes that are supposed to be able to fit most Asians comfortably.

About the AIR+ Smart Mask

The AIR+ Smart Mask is tested in accordance to the EN 149:2001+A1:2009 (European) and the N95 NIOSH-approved (American) standards.  Under both test standards, the Smart Mask achieved at least 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil based particles, including PM2.5.

This means every AIR+ Smart Mask, regardless of size, is a N95 mask.

In addition, there is the AIR+ Micro Ventilator that enhances breathability by expelling the moisture and carbon dioxide build-up within the mask rapidly as one exhales.  This reduces the heat and increased carbon dioxide levels for a cooler comfort.

Time for some fun now at MINT Museum of Toys:

MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia) Museum of Toys houses a world-class collection of vintage toys and collectable items in an international award-winning contemporary building on Seah Street.

Since its inauguration in 2007, the museum is house to over 8,000 exhibits out of its collection of 50,000 items.  Across 6 levels, one will find items from over 40 countries, ranging in dates from the 1840s to 1980s.  Wow wow wow.

Let us take a look at some of the toys you can find there.  All of them are older than us.  :P

The boys were so intrigued with Mickey Mouse.  One of their favourite characters never really seen before.  And how we adults were brought back to childhood days of toys of yesteryear.  Nostalgic.  

Disclosure:  We were invited to the AIR+ Smart Mask workshop.  No monetary compensation was received.  Terms and product information about the product were provided by them.  All photographs and opinions are true to my own.

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