Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Great American Vacation at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Thinking of what to do this long weekend which is starting tomorrow?

Fear for the recent hot weather?

Why not head to Changi Airport Terminal 3 and explore The Great American Vacation?  And it's Free!

During a few hours there, we got to learn about some of the different states in USA.  While the older children and adults could discover what USA has to offer and some fun facts about USA, the little ones can go wild with the carnival rides*.

Can you guess which state this is?  

Pier 39 can now be found at Terminal 3 Public Area Departure Hall.  Catch a glimpse of it, together with some other states from now till 3 April 2016.

It is a joy to go on a carousel.  I am too heavy for it, obviously, as it is for children.  But adults can accompany their littlest child, just standing by the side.  

How many states in USA you think there are?  Do a count?

What's a carnival without food, right?

You will be glad to know that free candy floss, popcorn and California cheese sampling are available at the following timings:

Date: 25 - 27 March 16 and 2 - 3 April 16

- Free candy floss and popcorn (3 - 5pm)
- California cheese sampling (12 - 9pm)

And oh, there is also balloon sculpting between 7 - 9pm on the dates stated above.

And while the children are busy munching on their goodies, mummies and daddies can try their hands on the Harley-Davidon Motorcycle and experience a ride with the Gear VR!

D kept asking if Daddy can see him.  :P

The guy explaining the use of the Gear VR has to repeat the same instructions 1-to-1 to each individual.  I wonder how many times he has to repeat in a day.  So if you are there trying out the experience, be nice to him / her lah.

Children are allowed on the motorcycles for photo taking.   But the Gear VR experience is only for children 13 years old and above.

Do not let those photos go to waste.  Try your luck at the Harley-Davidson photo contest for a chance to win a Slim Fit Custom Harley-Davidson 3-in-1 jacket worth S$479!

At Basement 2 of Terminal 3 are the Galloping Horses and Train Rides.

The boys think the Galloping Horses are the best.  I wonder why.

Free face painting is available also at the basement area from 12 - 11pm on 25 - 27 March 16 and 2 - 3 Apr 16.

Though it was just 3 simple rides, the children enjoyed them.  With the hand painting they had, we left with a "when are we coming again?".

* Some of the pointers to note when redeeming the passes for the Carnival Rides which are operating on 25 - 27 March 16 and 2 - 3 April 16 from 12pm to 11pm.

- A minimum spend of S$60 in a maximum of 2 same-day receipts (S$40 for Changi Rewards members and Kids Pass holders, S$80 for all supermarket purchases) is required to redeem one carousel ride pass, one kiddy train ride and one galloping horse ride.

- Redemption starts from 12pm and ends at 10.30pm or when the activity passes are fully redeemed; whichever is earlier.

On a happier note, each activity pass admits up to two persons for a single play session!

For more information about The Great American Vacation at Changi Airport Terminal 3, please click here.

Thank you Changi Airport Group for the invite!

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Disney On Ice: Magical Ice Festival and Why You Should Go

On the night of a Friday, the Singapore Indoor Stadium was filled with lots of people.  Adults and children.  Princes and princesses.  All ready to catch the Disney Magic. 

Disney On Ice returns this year with the theme, Magical Ice Festival. 

Reasons why you should watch Disney On Ice: Magical Ice Festival:

1.  Debunking talks that Disney On Ice is only for children, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The adults sitting beside me (with no children) were also clapping and getting all excited throughout the show.  It was a lovely performance by the ice-skaters.  Akin to figure skating, it is indeed a visual spectacle. 

2.  The show is a very good recap of all the 4 movies.  So, if you wish to be transported back to the times of watching those movies, this is it.  The significant parts, the famous songs.  One is sure to have flashes of the 4 movies.  But if you think you have not watched of the movies before, this is one that summarises all 4 of them into one 2-hour performance.

3.  If you have children, regardless boys or girls, they will love it.  The Disney magic is not known for nothing.  I see children engrossed with the performance, singing and some dancing.  Most of the songs are pretty well-known and we always hear the children singing out loud.  It is a moment when children can just be themselves and not be scrutinised by surrounding people for belting out loud those Disney medleys.

4.  Be thrilled by the well-timed pyrotechnics.  Need I say more?

Let us now take a look at some of what to expect at the show.

What's a performance without popcorn and candy floss, all in those I-want-to-bring-all-home containers and ware.  But be warned, they do not come cheap.  :D

Disney On Ice started with a bang with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, introducing the different acts.

For a start, The Little Mermaid got us into the groove with songs like "Under the Sea".  A visual performance of the sea creatures, E was telling me the sea creatures he saw...

Can you tell who's next from the below silhouette?

Skaters performing as Maximus, the palace horse from the Disney movie Tangled impresses me.  How do two persons skate at the same time, especially with the back person's view compromised?

I have a love for Beauty and the Beast.  Do you?  

It's always a joy to see performers getting into the act, laughing, smiling, singing and dancing.

Each time the curtain draws, we are surprised.  The last act, which is the special appearances by characters of Frozen, literally made the audience go crazy.  That is how much Frozen is well loved by everyone, big or small. 

Olaf is here too!!!  Songs like 'For the First Time' and 'Let It Go' shook the whole place.

I love watching the moves by these characters.  They skate with such professionalism and grace, it makes me and maybe every little girl dream to be an ice-skater.

Lovely and cool isn't it?  I asked D.  If you have bought the Magic Moments tickets, there is a chance to get up close to the characters at the end of the show.

Ending on 20 March 2016, the last 2 shows will be at 11am and 3pm show.  If you have not bought any tickets, it is still available for purchase online at Sports Hub Tix.  

Watching a 7pm show and reaching home not that early, I can only say, "Some things are worth losing sleep "for"".  :)

Disclosure: We were invited to the Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photographs and opinions are true to my own.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

{Media Invite} Times Waterway Point - Its Biggest Lifestyle Concept Bookstore

Bookshops are time machines, spaceships, story-makers, secret-keepers, dragon-tamers, dream-catchers, fact-finders and safe places. - Jen Campbell

In the newest mall located in the heartlands of Punggol, a bookstore can be found.  This homegrown book retailer, Times, is located on the 2nd level of Waterway Point. 

I remember going to Times Bookstore to buy books when I was young.  Mum will always bring us to the outlet at Centrepoint then and how glad am I that my boys love going to bookstores these days too.

The children's section, Times Junior, features not only educational books but also educational toys for the young. 

Get ready to cross the bridge and be lost in the world of unlimited knowledge.

With a floor area of 7,335 sq ft and an unprecedented floor space of over 1,600 sq ft dedicated to the children's section, it is pretty obvious that this Times bookstore at Waterway Point is targeting children and families.  I am not complaining.  Being book lovers, we are always on the lookout for different genres of books for the boys and I am really impressed by the sheer number of children's titles over there.

With a conducive and fun area, these lady bug cushions are a hit for the young at heart.  While they sit and enjoy a book or two, parents can always check out the rest of the bookstore.

Parents with strollers will also be pleased to know that strollers are welcome.  Aisles are wide enough for a single standard stroller to pass through.

Another prominent facet of the bookstore is the 600 sq ft island-style Lifestyle section that can be converted into spaces for workshops, activities or educational  classes.  Look out for the upcoming activities on Times website or Facebook.

There is something for everyone in Times Waterway Point.  Gift ideas aplenty, stationery and lifestyle products are just as many.

And if you are a TinTin fan, I think you will be loving this place too.

I love the smell of books.  New books especially.  And I love the feeling of the crisp pages of books.   That is why it is always hard to leave a bookstore empty handed! Are you like me?

Here is a listing of the 7 Times Bookstores in Singapore.  If you have not been to the one at Waterway Point, make a trip there one day and you might find yourself going back for more.

Disclosure: We were invited to the official Opening of Times Waterway Point.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photos and opinions are true to my own.

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Friday, 11 March 2016

Of Ship and Garden ~ Where We Ate in Penang

We went Penang last November and if you remembered, we stayed at Golden Sands Resort, Penang.  Our reviews about that resort here!

Penang is a foodie place.  We know that.  

With 2 children, we decided to skip the zhi char type of seafood this time, skipped some Penang favourites (B and I were saying we will explore that on our own, one day.  One day.) and went to 2 different restaurants for 2 of our nights there.

Located in Batu Ferringhi, walking distance from Golden Sands Resort, we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at The Ship.

Doesn't it look like the real thing?  The boys were amused!

The service staff are dressed as ship crew, in maritime uniforms.  

The Ship can also be found in Kuala Lumpur but I am unsure if it is just with a shop front or like this, the big ship.

The Thanksgiving set dinner seems to be pretty reasonable.  For RM85, it is about SGD30 for a 4 course dinner.  And a hand towel as a gift.

This boy stole my soup and bread.

The escargots which were pretty well done up.  And they bothered with the appropriate cutleries.  Some places cannot be bothered.

Food wise, it was pretty decent.  The boys had spaghetti which they so much prefer over any other seafood fare from a seafood restaurant.  Considering how hot Penang is always, an air-conditioned restaurant is what we look for when we have kids in tow after a long day out - we were at Escape that day which is a post for another day.  

For that price, I thought it was not too expensive.  Of course, by Malaysian standards, it would have been too much.  But for some good protein, comfortable seating areas and something different (the ship as a restaurant), I am good.

The Ship
Address: 69-B Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
Tel: +604 881 2142
Opening hours: 12pm to 1am

This second place we went to was a recommendation.  I was told that the ambience will be totally different and true enough, I was surprised.

The entrance of Ferringhi Garden Restaurant does not show any of what I am going to show you.  So, one will probably walk pass it and dismiss it as just another restaurant along Batu Ferringhi.

As it was near Christmas, Christmas decorations were everywhere!  I mean, wow!!!  Orangey and dim lights, my photos do not do justice to the decorations.  You got to see it for yourself.

Children are welcome, obviously.  :)

We had their Signature Seafood Platter.

Some photos before the night darkens.  Full of greenery, flowers everywhere.  It looks as if we were transported to some gardens.

Our food for the night.  The seafood platter proved to be more than enough for 3 adults.

Cannot help but LOL at this photo of D "fighting" the lobster.  

Having read mixed reviews about this place, I went with a "no expectations, no disappointment" kind of attitude.  Price wise, it was not cheap.  Food wise, it was acceptable, quality is okay.  Nothing to blow me away, but will not stop me from going back there.  The reason why I will be back - the place itself.  The ambience and the lovely surroundings.

So, if you are near there one day, check out that place.  And take lots of photos!!!!

Ferringhi Garden Restaurant
Address: 34 A, B & C Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi
Tel: +604 881 1193
Opening hours: 5.00pm - 12.00am

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