Run to Unlabel

Run to Unlabel - A fundraising for "Unlabel to Understand", a Down syndrome Awareness Calendar project.

An abstract from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) website reads:

"Down syndrome is the most common genetic cause of severe learning disabilities in children affecting in one in every 700 babies. There is no medical cure for this condition. However, an improved understanding of Down syndrome and early interventions have improved the quality of life of both children and adults with Down syndrome."

For the first time, a group of individuals, some of whom are parents of children with Down syndrome, are coming together to raise awareness of the needs, abilities, and potential of persons with Down syndrome (DS). They seek to drive inclusivity in all areas through sharing the stories of their children with DS.

The Down syndrome Awareness project was initiated by some mothers who have children with DS. These mothers seek to share their personal experiences - from being first told of their children’s diagnosis, finding care and medical support, to seeking suitable pre-school and childcare arrangements. In general, many physicians, educators and members of the public are unaware of just how similar children with DS are, to typically developing children. Possibly due to outdated pre-conceptions from past experiences and publications, many are still stereotyping persons with Down syndrome as incapable, difficult and/or stubborn.  These labels, among others, placed unfairly on children with DS, will only disadvantage them and prevent them from living life to its fullest potential.

As you would have read from the crowdfunding site here, the calendars printed will be given free at hospitals (neonatal and obgyn departments), obstetricians clinics, and selected pre-schools and childcare centres.  We would like to use this calendar as a tool to educate our targeted audience, and remind them that our children are not defined by their diagnosis.  For parents who have children with DS, and for parents-to-be who are intending to carry their babies to full term, we hope that this calendar with the stories they tell, will be a source of comfort and inspiration in their journey with their special children.

In support of this calendar project, a group of mothers have decided that for each S$50 donated, one of them will run 5km.  The target is for a total of 300km to be covered.  Just like running, caring for children with Down syndrome can be a daunting challenge for some individuals.  However, we believe that with a community of support and motivation, the journey is do-able!  Please support us and donate on this crowdfunding site here.

This page will be updated weekly or more often when we receive the donations. Introducing the group of mothers who will be putting in their very best for this fundraising project:

Angie started running 3 years ago with a goal of fulfilling her hubby's wish of running a marathon together as a couple. Since then, she began her run for love, love for run journey despite her initial inertia. Now, as a couple, they would like to contribute a part for this worthy cause to raise awareness on how precious each child is! As she is still recovering in strength, her hubby will be the main supporting runner. Angie blogs at Growing Hearts 123.

Hui Ing, who blogs at Ingspirations, is a busy mother of 3 and a Writing Coach conducting her own creative writing classes and online writing courses for Primary School children.  One who used to dislike running, she went out for a jog 2 years ago during an extremely stressful period of her life and never looked back.  Now, she runs to de-stress and enjoys the solitude of running alone - a time for her to reflect and recharge.  She is glad to be able to play a small part by running in this fundraising effort.

Mary is mum to three little lambs.  She advocates for Down syndrome at and blogs at Simply Lambchops to preserve precious memories of their children.  Talk to her about coffee and crocheting amigurumi and coffee and you'll see her eyes lit up with excitement.

She used to be a school cross-country runner but has stopped running due to plain laziness.  She is picking up her running shoes for Run To Unlabel as a mom to a lovely girl who has Down syndrome and as a friend to all the parents she has met on this parenting journey.  Support her in this fundraising cause!

L, a Simply Lambchops offspring and our youngest runner here, wishes to do his part to raise funds by running too!  He adores his younger sister and teaches her to sing the "PPAP" song.

Sharon, an avid runner, has been running long distances and marathons since 2008.  Through running, she feels motivated, and it helps build her mental and physical endurance.  Long distances running require a lot of hard work, determination, focus and consistency.  She decided to be part of the running group in this fundraising as she hopes to help others through what she feels she is good at.

A mother of 1, Wanzhen started running in 2013 and has been passionate about it since then.  Running is her way of boosting her energy levels and improving her body resistance.  She hopes to use her strengthened stamina to help others who are in need.

The owner of this blog, Cynthia hopes that readers will support her and her friends in this fundraising project (as to why she decided to help organise this fundraising project will be a story for another day).  Running has always been her one form of exercising and she has many friendships formed through running.  She believes that running for people who possibly can't, we can show that support is everywhere.


Thank you all for the donations!  We will work hard at getting the distances covered.  Keep those donations coming in.  :)

25 October 2016

Mary from Simply Lambchops clocked 5km.  Thank you!
26 October 2016

5km by Cynthia (ilovedefamily).

Sharon ran 13km!  Thank you!
27 October 2016

Thankful to family support!  Thank you Angie's hubby for clocking 10km!

Rain or shine.  Of course when there's a treadmill.  5km on a rainy day by Sharon.  :)
Mary ran with L.  5km each.  Would love to give this boy a pat on the back! 

28 October 2016

10km for #RunToUnlabel by Sharon

29 October 2016

Cynthia, Sharon and Wanzhen ran different distances, all based on their own ability, but not once not supporting one another.

Little pumpkins joining Wanzhen on a 7km run!

Never giving up, Sharon clocked in another 12km.

31 October 2016

Hui Ing ran 5km, after a hiatus from running.  Supporting #RunToUnlabel!
1 November 2016

10km by Sharon

5km by Cynthia
2 November 2016

What a meaningful quote from Mary, as she runs 5km.

Angie's hubby supported her and us by running 10km.  Family matters, really.

Pushing herself through the challenge, Sharon and her 10km.

4 November 2016

Thank you Wanzhen for clocking 5km!

5km in the afternoon by Sharon.

November 2016

Another 10km by Angie's hubby!

Cynthia ran 5km!

November 2016

It's been raining and Mary is glad to be able to clock 5km when it is sunny.

5km by Sharon.

November 2016

Another push by Sharon, a 10km this time.

Angie's hubby did a 5km.
10 November 2016

Rain or shine, always run.  10km by Sharon.
12 November 2016

When Sharon decided to #RunToUnlabel, she decided that she will push herself to help achieve our goals.  25km.

15 November 2016
10km by Sharon

3km by Cynthia

16 November 2016

Runners run everywhere.  15km by Sharon

20 November 2016
Sharon ran 11.7km!
22 November 2016

A fabulours 26km run by Sharon!

23 November 2016

Despite nursing a knee pain, she tried to clock what she can.  Here's Sharon's 7.4km.
24 November 2016

6km by Angie's hubby!
 30 November 2016

10.5km by Sharon!

 5 December 2016

Mary and Lucas each ran 3km.  Loving it when a child puts his thoughts and love for a campaign.

8 December 2016

Starting off December with a 11km run by Sharon.
 10 December 2016

Sharon ran 16km!
 11 December 2016

Pushing herself when she decided to #RunToUnlablel.  18km by Sharon.
 21 December 2016

11.5km by Sharon.
  26 December 2016

PH also must run.  10km by Sharon.
 28 December 2016

Sharon ran 10.6km!
  31 December 2016

Ending the year with a 12km run by Sharon.
  1 January 2017

6 km on a New Year!  Sharon's really pushing herself.
 2 January 2017

16km.  I wonder how she does it at times.  She = Sharon.
4 January 2017

Sending me her 5.8km.
Then realised it was split into two.  So here is the 2km.
 6 January 2017

12.5km by Sharon.
 8 January 2017
7km by Wanzhen, and poor girl tripped and fell along the way.

17km by Sharon.
Cynthia ran 3km.

 9 January 2017

Angie's hubby ran 6.6km.

 12 January 2017

10km by Sharon. 

Total distances covered : >484 km
Distances to be covered : 0 km

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