Thursday, 8 September 2016

{Media Invite} A Paw-Some Time this September Holidays at City Square Mall

Do you have any idea who these guys are?  Well, I did not.  Until probably a year or 2 ago, when the boys started talking to me about Chase and "no job is too big, no pup is too small!".

And so, it began our journey of learning a new cartoon called Paw Patrol.

Fairly new to many, their first 'Live' Show in Asia at City Square Mall is a hit!  I see so many friends bringing their children to catch it.  If you had not watched it, it is still ongoing till 11 September 16.

Sometimes I wonder if D will outgrow watching such live shows.  Even if he does, I should not deprive E of it since we had been to live shows with D when he was 5 years old.  Just so glad that D enjoyed it too.

Come get a photo with Marshall, Chase and Ryder with a minimum spend of S$50 (terms and conditions apply).  Meet and Greet passes redemption is at the Level 2 Customer Service Counter, one hour prior to each live show.  Limited to 50 passes per session, it is something not to be missed, especially if you are already there for the show.

It seems like Paw Patrol is the favourite cartoon show for children these days.  The crowd at City Square Mall is simply unbelievable.  

I  reached at about 11.45am for the 1pm show and yes, I was already sitting around the imaginary third row.  At 1pm, every little gap was filled up and I see people standing on the second level.  It is how interesting to note what children can do to watch their favourite cartoon characters.  Of course, tablets help.  Thus, if you want a good view, be early!  Very very early.  Don't say I never tell you.  :D

And once the show starts at 1pm, I hear the screams and shouts when Marshall and Chase appear.  And many children gamely stood up and danced when asked to.  D and E did not and sometimes I wonder if it is because they are shy.  

There is a furry fun carnival at the outdoor park.  Till 9 October, bring your cameras for photos with life-size Paw Patrol's vehicles.  There are other activities like the inflatable Dog Pirate Ship and other fun-filled activities.  We did not get a chance to have fun at the carnival as B was not feeling too well.  But I am glad that at least, we manage to catch the live show and had photos taken with the Paw-Some pals!  

Time to make a date with the outdoor park before 9 October.

Paw Patrol Ready for Action 'Live' show
Date: 3 to 11 September
Time: 2pm & 7pm (Tue - Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)
Venue: Level 1 Atrium

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Trip to Zenxin Organic Farm with an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

It is September?!  And it is the school holidays again?!  Oh my, where did all those time go.

Last school holidays, we went for a road trip to Melaka with friends.  Some 240km drive using the North South Highway, we decided we shall break the journey into 2, by stopping at Zenxin Organic Park.

Starting our journey at around 8.00am, the boys self-entertained by drawing on large Sketch Books from Daiso.

Once we exited from the Air Hitam exit, this is what we saw.  Turning right and driving for a few minutes, we reached Zenxin.

We were there to join the Farm Tour!

Not before we have a family shot!

Entrance tickets seem reasonable for the range of activities.  Additional activities such as archery are charged separately.

The tour starts with an educational video, followed by walks through the park.  A very hot day, little shade so we were all sweating at the end of the tour.  I cannot imagine joining the 2.30pm tour.

That is dragon fruit!

Some of the plants, fruits and herbs we saw.

One of the highlight was this.  Harvesting their own vegetables.  The boys pulled out vegetables and we are allowed to fill up one bag each.  If we were heading straight home, I will fill it up and bring home to cook.  It's organic!

Feeding the pets at the Happy Farm.  Surprisingly, E was pretty enthusiastic and willingly fed and pet them.  

Part of the tour includes milk bottle fish feeding.  Initially, when I read the title on the brochure, I was wondering how it is.  So this is it.  Holding the bottle that has a large hole in the teat, fish feed is slowly being poured / sucked out.  

One of the activity includes a hand-on workshop.  The boys had a try at making curry puffs.  The curry puff dough and ingredients were pre-done and all we had to do is wrap them up and cooking them in the oil.

Now they know it is not easy.  Even folding the curry puffs require some skill and lots of practice.

We had lunch at the Chef Garden Restaurant since it was near lunch time.  They serve set lunch and what interests us was the hotpot.  

It was alot of food although we ordered for 2 pax.  Organic greens are good, yea?

My only issue is the number of houseflies.  Although they provide some repellent, there were still many houseflies!  The boys could not "tahan" aka tolerate it.  I guess we are all used to air-conditioned food courts and our hawkers and coffeeshops are not "swarmed" with flies around.

My friends at some tables (nearer to the inside of the open space, al-fresco concept dining area) had fewer flies visiting them and their food.  So, if you have children or even yourself who cannot eat at ease with such flies, then I suggest either sitting nearer to the cashier area or skip having lunch there.

We ended with a round of archery.  For RM10 for I think 10 arrows, not something we can get here in Singapore.

Jalan Batu Pahat, Kampung Melayu Batu Lima
86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

The photos for my Melaka trip are mostly shot using the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II.  I do not exactly need to say the specifications of this camera as Google will tell you everything - the reviews from professional photographers.

As it is a compact with interchangeable lens, I used mostly a prime lens (M. Zuiko Digital 17mm F1.8) this time and I really love my photos.  Especially of close ups.  Colours are vibrant too.  My only rant is that it is a tad heavy with the lens.

Another note is that, with prime lens, I got to make sure that my focus is correct.  Sometimes, when I asked someone to take a photo for me, the focus is on the wrong person, wrong place.  This I believe needs some understanding and of course, checking of the photos after each shot, if unused to it.

Disclosure: We had the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II on loan to us for 2 weeks for the purpose of this trip.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photographs and opinions are true to my own.

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