Saturday, 27 December 2014

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Hong Kong Day 1

Hong Kong, here we come!!!!

We bought the air tickets in July for our trip in November due to the promo fares on Singapore Airlines.  When the protests began in September, we panicked.  Fortunately, we bought travel insurance way before the protests began and should it get worse, we will forgo the trip and might be able receive some form of compensation.  

After consulting friends who went before us and those staying there, we did not have to forgo the trip.  The boys are the happiest, no doubt!

It is always difficult to wake the boys up in the morning but when it comes to going to the airport for our flights, it is never difficult!  Why ah……

Happy to be on his Trunki for the first time.  
Trunki is the original ride on suitcase which can be hand carried onto the airplane (make sure it's not over the carry on allowance though).  

Guess what will be in E's Trunki?

His baby bear, pillow, spare clothes and a book.

The Trunki is perfect for beating boredom suffered by travelling tots.  Sometimes they attract the attention of other passengers, both young and old, sometimes they irritate passengers as they have to make sure they do not bump into these luggage-pulling kids.  :P

My Superboy-Wannabe
But I am not too sure if the Trunki is a great idea for the parents.  :P

But if you were to ask me, the advantages surpass the disadvantages:

- when the kids are too tired to walk, I can pull them while they ride on their luggages - means lesser whining and tantrums throwing;
- it entertains them while they pull, push, get on, get off, play with the luggages during the waiting time after check-in and before boarding;
- they can pack what they need or want and be responsible for them;
- durable - same type of plastic as adult suitcases

Kids have this thing for the safety brochure in airplanes...

See you in Hong Kong!!!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you, you, you?

One morning after constant bugging from D the night before, we went to the Singapore Zoo.  No strangers to the zoo as we have been going there pretty often.  However, this time, the zoo is having the  Zoo Hoo! Wildlife Warriors event!  How glad we were to be there at the right time!

Every weekend in December, one can pick up a Wildlife Warrior Trail Booklet at the Registration Counter and be on their way to complete the tasks at the 5 game stations to earn a stamp. 

The 5 stations:
1. Polar jumper which is located right outside the Frozen Tundra.  Just like a game of snake and ladder, we need to roll a huge dice and make our way to the end of the mat.

2. Pin the rhino horn which D had to turn a few rounds blindfolded and try pinning the rhino horn onto the rhino.  It was so funny as we direct him to where he should pin the rhino horn.

3. Fragile forest.  One needs to toss the correct trash into the different recycling bins.
4. Hang on for hope is a game that seems too difficult for the boys.  In order to help the orang utans reunite with their forest home, they need to throw the orange utan craft with a hook onto the strings across the trees.  B manage to do it, by aiming and throwing it in a certain angle. 

5. Eye of the tiger where the boys took a ball and throw at the incorrect things tigers are being used for.

We spent a lot of time at the Wildlife Craft Corner which I later came to know was conducted by Lollibox.

Making their own animal stickers… The area was catered for kids, with kids chairs and tables and there were friendly people around to help.  

You know he enjoyed when you see such a happy expression!

When 2 boys get into the #partnersincrime mood.

Look at that glee after they finish all 5 stations and get to decorate their own medals for Wildlife Warriors!

Though the weather was hot and sunny one moment and wet and humid the next, we enjoyed our zoo trip.  On top of what we usually do like watching the different shows, feeding the animals and watching the animals in action, this event is one that my boys will talk for a quite a while, with their bragging rights of their unique medals.  :)