Saturday, 19 November 2016

#PokemonAtChangi - Get Ready to Catch Them All!

The boys are all into Pokémon these days.  And I believe many children are too, judging from the turnout at the Pokémon launch at Changi Airport yesterday.

The three new characters from Nintendo's new Sun and Moon series - Rowlet (left),  Litten (middle) and Popplio (right).

These not-so-little cuties have turned the world upside down, especially this year with the launch of Pokémon Go.

Whether you are travelling this holiday season or not, I bet Changi Airport will be one of your must-go place.  Not only because of Pokémon but also because of the pretty decorations, such as the Gingerbread House at Terminal 3 (T3) Departure Hall where one can catch a glimpse of Santa's workshop and Mrs Claus' Confectionery which are filled with children's toys and yummy goodies.

Also be treated to a light show with music and dancing trees amidst falling "snow" from now to 8 Jan 2017 (2pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm on weekdays.  An additional show at 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays) while taking photos with a 7-metre tall Pikachu, the largest character installation at Changi Airport.

Together with the giant Pikachu, Pokémon trainers, like you and I, can have more fun at the Airport by hunting for the 26 Pokémon at various locations across Changi Airport.  Take at least three photos at the Pokétrail sites and share them on social media platforms with hashtag #PokemonatChangi to stand a chance to win a premium.  More information can be found here.

Kicking off the launch of Pokémon at Changi yesterday were 10 life-sized dancing Pikachu.  With a Pikachu Parade, both kids and adults chased them like never before.  Although there will be no more such parades, there will be meet-and-greet sessions on all Saturdays and Sundays (except 3 December 2016) at 6pm and 8pm till 1 January 2017.  So, get your cameras ready!  They are too cute to resist.  Really!!!

Located at T2 and T3 Departure Halls and T1 Departure Transit Hall, visitors can have fun having their faces painted onscreen or show off some moves at the Z-Moves activity kiosks.  

As you can see, the boys really enjoyed themselves!  These motion sensor activities are of course motion sensitive.  Especially for Z-Moves, if your child is not the one playing, it will be much appreciated that he/she stand out of the range of the sensors so that the machines can recognise the correct pair of hands of the player's.

This is definitely going to bring on lots of smiles.  For both adults and kids.  The very cool thing is that videos of these moments can be shared with families and friends through social media platforms!

At T2's Departure Hall are three life-sized Snorlax lounging at the Snorlax Garden.  Of course, this is a photo opportunity not to be missed!

You know what the boys want?  The full set of the limited-edition Pokémon plush toys!  Available exclusively at Changi Airport, these eight characters and the Poké Ball can be purchased for S$9.90, with a minimum spend at Changi Airport.  Details can be found here.

So, time to catch them all at Changi Airport!  I think I will be there almost every weekend.  What about you?

Disclosure: We were invited to the launch.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photos and opinions are true to my own.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

{Media Invite} Puvay's Fruit Puree-based Collagen Drinks

Age is catching up.

Yes, it is just a number.  It is the mind, heart and the soul that matters.

Appearance matters too, no?  I am just human.  More specifically, a woman.  LOL

So, yes, maybe I should start taking collagen drinks.

When June invited me to the launch of Puvay's 2 new fruit puree-based collagen drink flavours, I was like hmmmm....  it's time to give it a try.  I have never really bothered looking into collagen drinks.  Lazy to make, lazy to buy, yucky taste, weird smell - whatever reasons you can think of, I might fit my reason into one of them.  Just put it that I was never attracted to them.

With the launch of its newly formulated range of 100% natural, fruit puree-based collagen drinks, Puvay redefines the taste of beauty supplement drinks.  With 800mg of "Korean Marine Collagen Peptides", which features specific shorter collagen molecules, they help the body better absorb the benefits more quickly as they are smaller in size.

Also to note is that Puvay is one of the few companies to use a high dosage of Korean Marine Collagen Peptides with fruit-juices.  With this 100% natural ingredients and fresh fruits, Puvay's collagen drinks are lower in calories and sugars (oh yesh!).

Drink it on its own, chilled which I did.  It was not very sweet in my opinion and I can taste the fruits.  My only problem with it was that it was capped very tightly.

Or use it in a fruit dessert which I did here!  What an awesome combination of fruits, nuts and collagen.  I especially like the nuts with it.  On shaved ice, no less.  A crunchy feel to the drink and you do know that most nuts are packed with tons of benefits, right?

Puvay's collagen drinks can be bought online (how convenient) at Wellness Hut.  You get to enjoy 10% storewide with any purchase when you enter "PuvayCynthia" upon checkout!  Maybe a Christmas gift to a girl friend?  Or that bird nest for the parents?  :)

Disclosure: I was invited to the media launch.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photos and opinions are true to my own.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

{Review} The Magic Paintbrush by I Theatre

To the Director, Composer, Cast and Crew and production team of The Magic Paintbrush, this has got to be one of the best production.  And I was telling hubby, I Theatre ended the year with a bang.


The play started with a very important message.  And ended with another important message too.  Not just a play for the children.  It is something for the adults, the parents too.

A Chinese folk tale transformed into a musical theatre show, it is about a youngster from present-day Singapore, Toni Lee.  Struggling with the pressures and stress of examinations and parental expectations, she wished to be Ma Liang, the character in the storybook, The Magic Paintbrush.

Photo Credit : I Theatre
Quite unexpectedly, she was granted her wish and was transported back in time to a Southern Province of China.  

Photo Credit : I Theatre
A series of magical adventures unfold.  Of Ma Liang helping the poor villagers.  Of the magic paintbrush that creates things. 

Photo Credit : I Theatre
With the use of puppet and lively music, the story of the greedy emperor and his comical guards kept us laughing.

Photo Credit : I Theatre
But also kept us thinking.  Thinking about family, friendship and if gold is more important than talent and creativity.

Photo Credit : I Theatre
D enjoyed it so much that he requested we buy the book for him.

If you are still thinking whether to go for this play, I will say YES!  Book your tickets at Sistic.  From now till 12 November 2016, it is a production not to be missed.

1 Nov - 12 Nov 16
Tue & Thu: 10.30am & 2.30pm
Wed & Fri: 10.30am
Sat: 11am, 2.30pm & 7.30pm
Sun: 11am & 5pm

Disclosure: We were invited to The Magic Paintbrush by I Theatre.  No monetary compensation was received.  All photos and opinions are true to my own.

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