Hi! Thanks for dropping by!
I'm C.  The main contributor to this blog.

May I present the family:

B – the hands-on Daddy that I could ever wish for; the one who plays crazily with the kids and yet the no nonsense disciplinarian that even I feared (:P).

C – hey, that's me!  The FTWM, who cooks, bakes and scraps when in the mood and who dreams of a robot that can keep the forever messy house clean and tidy.  The to-go-to for comfort for the boys and no, I am no "Good Cop".

D – our number 1, who loves being unique.   The one who surprises everyone with his good eating habits from young and yes,  my number 1 fan for all my cooks and bakes. 

E – our planned yet accidental number 2, who really has a character of his own.  A total opposite of his dear brother whom he has a love-hate relationship.

This is my family.  My alphabet family.  :)

With this new blog, we hope to be able to pen down the ups and downs in our lives as a family.  And for sure, the forgettable (in case we do really forget) and unforgettable moments as the boys grow up and we grow old.  :)

I can be contacted at ilovedefamily@gmail.com.  :)

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