Sunday, 1 June 2014

Reading…. Barefoot Books

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island 
- Walt Disney

Promoting reading since young has always been a priority.  Our wishes are that the boys grow up loving books.  Books not only makes one think and imagine, they sometimes bring you to places you have never been to at the comfort of your reading corner, learning and discovering new stuff.

We were first introduced to one of the titles from Barefoot Books by one of the teachers in the boys' childcare and our collection of books from Barefoot Books have since multiplied.  You may be able to either borrow them from the library, or  purchase them from Amazon.
Some of the books we have

Why do we like them?

  1. Colourful, eye-catching illustrations

  2. Some sentences are repetitive (kids learn through repetition) 
  3. Association with things the kids can relate to or indirectly exposing them to new words and themes.  For example:
  4. For some of the books, there are CDs so that we can watch, listen and sing along.  We play a lot of these CDs in the car and the whole family will start singing to these catchy songs

At the end of some of the books, there will be explanations of certain items relating to the theme of the story.  Some have music scores too!

An explanation of the different machines used in farms in "Driving my Tractor"

They have singalongs on Youtube too!  These days, many kids are being entertained on TV.  I am no exception.  Sometimes I have the singalongs running while I do some chores.

These are easy books to start off with for pre-schoolers.  The colorful illustrations will attract their attention, and so do the songs.  At the same time, they provide us with a lot of discussion opportunities and this in turn lead to new learning opportunities for both the kids and adults.

We have been reading each book continuously every night for weeks.  This shows how much the boys love them!  Till the extend that E can memorize the sentences.  :)

Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  However the post contains affiliate links to Amazon but they are of no added cost to you.  :)

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