Saturday, 24 May 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, D!

Lately, when my elder boy turned 5, I stopped receiving monthly email updates from Baby Centre.  It suddenly dawns on me that he is no longer a toddler and soon, he will no longer be called a pre-schooler too.

I like this Baby Centre website which I look at for information and use some of their tools frequently from the first day I knew I was pregnant.

It has a due date calculator, a pregnancy week by week, baby week by week, toddler month by month.

Heaps of information that educated me as a first-time preggie to a first-time mother and then when I have my number 2 too.  It's always the case of I never ever feel I am well prepared, well informed.

So what should my 5 year-old be doing now?  According to Baby Centre, he may be doing the following:

  • separating from you comfortably, maybe even eagerly, especially if she's going to play at a friend's house
  • feeling more secure when she's away from you
  • learning the value of friends
  • being more willing to help around the house, doing chores like setting the table - Yes, yes!  He does!

Happy Birthday, my dear son.