Thursday, 3 August 2017

Simple Meals - We Can All Do It!

A homecooked meal is a labour of love.  Who agrees with me?

No matter how simple a meal is, I believe that if it is cooked with love, it is just as good, if not better than "outside" food.  And I believe too that if a meal is cooked when angry and frustrated, the food will just not be nice.  So, I rather not cook when I'm feeling angry.  Because being able to cook for the family should be a happy thing!  :)

I get angry only after the meal, when washing the dishes.  Haha!

Cooking simply on weekdays is what I have been trying to perfect.  Within 45 minutes.  It is not impossible with proper planning.  I realise that when I have a meal plan set up before the start of each week, it is achievable.  I use lots of kitchen "gadgets" too - rice cooker, thermal pot, pressure cooker, oven.  Truth be told, I love steaming most because that means lesser washing and mopping.

While trying to retrieve my photos from my hard disk drive that died, I did not blog much.  I was mostly on Instagram and Facebook.  Interestingly, a lot of recipes I added in there are so easy that it needs no blog posts.

So, here's the link for those very simple recipes, or find the Simple Meals at the sidebar to find those others that I do blog about.  Like my Facebook page to get up to date or access to those simple recipes that I do not blog about.

With the aim of cooking for our loved ones, regardless how simple a meal is, I am sure it is a delightful one.

Let's all work towards that!  :)

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