Saturday, 16 December 2017

Of Myopia and Spectacles

Do I have perfect eyesight?  No, I do not.  I started wearing spectacles at a ripe young age of 10.  Being myopic at 10 during my time was considered early.  Wearing spectacles at 10 years old for my boys' generation is almost a norm.

A first world problem, I call it.  Because of the increased exposure to electronic devices, it is pretty inevitable.  Spending lesser time outdoors (regardless of how much we try to, there is only so much we can do due to the fact that they go to school, we go to work) does not help.  Having myopic parents contribute to that fact too - myopia is genetic.

So what can we do?!  Control the progression of myopia, of course!  As much as we can. 

I mean, apart from having good reading habits such as not lying down to read and not reading in the dark, having a good pair of spectacles is important.

Do you think this is the right way to read?  Of course not!

A pair of eyeglass frame and lenses is not just to help with the vision, it is something that is to be worn for long hours.  So comfort and long hours wearability should be taken into concern.

Now, D is a primary school boy.  One who runs and plays with classmates, one who is probably not  as gentle with his spectacles as any adult.  A pair of eyeglass frame has to be durable!  At least something that will not break before his next eye checkup.

This pair of eyeglass frame from Nanyang Optical fits my bill!  Being slightly "flexible" means that I do not need to deal with breakages that occur so often.  How many times have we heard of people complaining that the hinges or side arm coming apart?

Anyway, a visit to Nanyang Optical always start with an eye assessment.  Something that is common at every optical shop to ascertain the degree of myopia, what surprises me was the colour vision test.  That is something not every shop does and I think it is a good move.

Nanyang Optical inhouse brand "Eyelet" is what D is wearing now.  He says it is comfortable and what you should also know about is the lenses that they recommend.

Like I mentioned earlier, a pair of spectacles should be one that it is not only of comfortable eyeglass frame.  The lenses should be good too.  How do we ascertain what is good then?  To me, it should be able to help with the slowing down of myopia progression.  And that is what MyoVision by Zeiss is all about.

We have all heard about Zeiss.  A renowned manufacturer of optical systems, MyoVision addresses myopia progression.  This comparison below may be able to help you understand it better but for me, what I now know is that, D has refrained from glancing through the sides of the lens because the MyoVision lenses "forced" him to look at things through the centre of the lenses.  I remember how he used to glance sideways to look at things. But he is not able to do so now because of how MyoVision lenses are designed - there is a lower focusing degree towards its peripherals.  As such, D has no choice but to turn his head and look straight at wherever and whatever he wants to see.  With that, I am hoping his myopia will be somehow controlled and progresses slower.

And ohhhh, Nanyang Optical not only sells optical products.  They educate the young ones on myopia prevention tips.  Love it because sometimes no matter how we parents nag, the effects are not as great compared to what these professionals say.

Myopia is irreversible.  All I hope for is not going to the optician regularly because of the increase in myopia.  Thus, I believe a good pair of eyeglass frame and lenses for children is indeed required.

Disclosure: We were sponsored a pair of Eyelet spectacles for the purpose of this review.  All photos and opinions are true to my own unless otherwise stated.

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