Wednesday, 9 December 2015

{Review} Micro-Resurfacing Rejuvenation Express Treatment Part 2

"Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle" - Erno Laszlo

Oh, how true!

I am never blessed with fantastic skin.  I had a pretty bad skin condition when I started working and can you imagine, there was a period when I actually went for biweekly facials?  So, yes.  I do believe commitment is a requirement.  There is no miracle to beautiful skin, unless Fairy Godmother or Aladdin exist.  :)

Here, you read about Part 1 of my journey with Micro-Resurfacing Rejuvenation Express Treatment.  Today, I am sharing with you Part 2.

After 3 intensive (read: once a week) sessions, my skin started to get use to the rollers.  Irene will decide the intensity of the "rolling" and she mention that my skin seems to be able to handle the resurfacing quite well.  She can also see that the congested skin is starting to clear up.  It is not totally congestion-free but she sees improvements.  Yay!

To me, I can actually feel that the skin is much better.  I used to feel many little bumps when I touch or press my skin.  Those bumps are not visible to the naked eye but I can feel it.  Sometimes, they do pop up like tiny weeny zits and it will be all so uneven when I put on my makeup.  Those who have seen me without makeup will know how I look.  Sometimes I tell people, I feel so "chui" (looks so bad) without makeup.

I had a little bump that has been irritating me on and off and very surprisingly, a couple of days after that session, the bump went off.  It has not popped up since and I am hoping it never will.

Disclosure:  This is part 2 of a series of sponsored reviews by One Beauty Spa.  No monetary compensation was received.  Terms and product information about the product were provided by them.  All photographs and opinions are true to my own.
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